Domestic Help Costs and the amounts needed

Domestic Help Costs and the amounts needed


the average cost of domestic help amounts between $6570 to $11390 SG. Still, there are people who think that this amount is too much. The Helpers, monthly taxes, other government fees, as well as everything else can get included in this. With this, there are also several other considerations in the form of the costs associated with food, living expenses, and many others which can be associated with the costs of hiring a domestic helper. There is also often a requirement of the government assistance, other programs, that can actually come in the manner of financing the payments. One can take help of the licensed moneylender.

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Management of the visits

There are many elements that are included in the costs. They are inclusive of the Daily chores, cleaning, kids care as well as many other things that are served by the domestic helpers. There is always a need to go with the comparison of the payment needs of the few companies which can come with the offers for the services. With such an idea one can make a choice of the best helper, within the best price which can also help with the budgeting of such expenses.

Idea about the overall salary

  • There is usually a basic salary which can be based on size, the scope of work, the purpose they are hired for as well as the local rates. Government salary revisions can help in the reduction of costs spending upon the need. Sri Lanka and Myanmar have lower rates about $450 per month. There are also other incentives and government assistance, which can be the ultimate idea to get the best local domestic helpers. They are also available with the low pricing who can be always affordable.
  • There are also variations according to the Languages, nationality, abilities, which become a major factor in the original scheme of the domestic helper. At times they can also charge 20% extra for the premium quality help and their experience. In case they are given to handle the additional tasks there are often additional costs. There is also special envy assistance for some families that have children below the age of 16.
  • Besides these, there are also Agency fees which can range between $100 and $2000 SG per month.


Domestic helpers are always a basic need for the household. So the government funding, as well as other assistance, Can actually be of great help.