Made Insurances Singapore

Financial Companies that Offer Affordable Made Insurances Singapore

A booming country, Singapore is known for a place that’s full of surprises and attractions. The city has tons of tourist attractions such as Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, and Merlion Park which are all being visited by millions of travelers every year. Consequently, this has given value to the growth of the tourism, marketing, and business industry which caused the increase of the city’s economy. With the great governance of the leading sectors, Singapore was able to maintain the reputation of their businesses and as well as the safety and security of both the locals and tourists.

As such, maid agencies were created to provide the needs of the people and maintain the integrity of their home. These institutions have a variety of employees coming from different countries and were oriented and trained accordingly to the standards of how a domestic worker should be and should work. Although hiring a maid could sometimes be expensive since the employer is also obliged to give all the necessities and insurances to the worker, some establishments only offer maid services and aren’t that pricey. As being said, employers need to pay their workers the appropriate rates for their service, pay for the security bond, and have maid insurances to ensure their safety.

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Thankfully, Singapore has various financial institutions such as HL Assurance Singapore that offer affordable maid insurances. This list of the best Maid Insurance Singapore has helped a lot of people who wanted to spend lesser money while still be able to have their demands; and as an overview, compiled below are some of these companies.  


FWD is a great financial institution for first-time applicants because their regulations are easy to comprehend and they could even make changes accordingly to the demands of their clients. Similarly to other companies, this ensures to provide coverage to all possible expenses their customers may encounter. Also, they are known to have great perks when saving money because their clients could issue a refund to the maid agencies for their fees. They also have premium prices for MOM Waiver of indemnity and have a policy of 100% refund of application within the first three months of period.

The company was able to ensure the safety of both the employer and the employee by covering a variety of expenses that are categorized into their three plans. However, all of these said plans have equal coverage for accident bills, funeral expenses, repatriation expenses, levy and wage expenses, Zika, Dengue, alternative maid services, and ambulance fees. Also, a cost of S$5,000 for the liability payout could be reimbursed for medical expenses if the maid happened to injure or cause abusive actions to the employer’s children and elders.  


AXA is a good company for people who wish to have an expanded range of medical coverage because they only offer minimal values for liabilities and theft coverage. Since the company only focuses primarily on the needs of its clients within medical-related circumstances, they are then able to cover situations where the client has kidney failure, stroke, cancer, and other critical diseases with ample amount.  

Insured United

Although this company is known for their expensive rate, they still have affordable plans were people who are in a tight budget can apply for. Accordingly to the initial agreed amount, Insured United can alter their features and as much as possible cover all the events the client might need help. Similarly to the other institutions, they prioritize medical-related expenses and allow applicants to have walk-in transactions within the branches and offices of their company. This makes them one of the best and reliable financial institutions in providing safety and security to the families and the domestic helpers.  


Singapore has made its name in both the field of tourism and business industry. The country has proven to the world that despite their size, they are still able to compete with over big countries, expand their growth, and reach the pinnacle of their success. Thankfully, with the support of their leading sectors, the city was able to provide all the necessities of the locals, the city’s workers, and the travelers. The establishment of maid agencies has helped a lot of working individuals and families because someone was able to do their household tasks and maintain the organization in their homes.

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As a return, the safety of these workers was also provided by financial institutions listed within the best Maid Insurance Singapore. For example, HL Assurance Singapore has features were they cover expenses for unexpected circumstances, pay for third party liabilities, and pay for the required security bond. Through this, both the employer and their employee will be helped accordingly to their financial problems. So always choose wisely and enjoy the benefits to its fullest!