Critical Illness Insurance In Singapore

The Benefits Of Getting A Critical Illness Insurance In Singapore

When it comes to protecting our health, we have standard life insurance to stay protected when we have any medical emergency. Still, there is some particular situation where we need to keep our life protected every time from any critical illness because when a medical emergency comes, it never informs us. Everyone can’t keep a considerable amount of cash to treat any critical condition. It’s life-threatening when an individual in Singapore has a sudden heart attack, stroke, or other health issues. We can cover all these high expenses by choosing critical illness insurance today.

More availability of critical illness insurance companies

In Singapore, we will see more available options to choose with different insurance policies regarding protecting our health from certain medical conditions and protecting health from any medical emergency when it is critical and needs hospitalization. These insurance companies in Singapore provide the best insurance policy or coverage we can get today to stay protected from any medical emergency, protect ourselves every time in need, and make us financially protected works like financial support.

Low cost

One of the most important things when it comes to an insurance policy is the cost. As many insurance companies provide different critical illness insurance coverage of an individual in Singapore, we can get a low-cost plan with many benefits like getting discounts. Their policies and procedure cover additional protection for medical emergencies from a heart attack, stroke, or cancer. These are critical emergency and need to treat on time, and by choosing these insurance companies, we can stay protected from any severe medical emergency.

Cover more critical illness

The best thing about critical illness insurance in Singapore is that these insurance companies not only provide a coverage plan for heart, stroke, or cancer. There are other critical illnesses that we can protect ourselves from Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and many more. These health insurance companies cover all these critical illnesses, and their plans are also cost-effective. Everyone can buy them to stay protected from any medical emergencies, treat all of the above crucial diseases on time, and make us financially protected.

Better than traditional insurance

Critical illness insurance in Singapore is better than traditional insurance because it covers the maximum cost for the hospital’s treatment and medical expenses, and transportation costs. The insured person will get many more benefits, like additional benefits of maximum payout if the therapy if diagnosed early, cash voucher, free consultation, discounts, cover multiple critical illnesses, special medical coverage, and so on. We can say critical illness insurance in Singapore is an overall health protector and a financial supporter to protect us from financial burden.

Easy to purchase

The world is fighting for the current pandemic, Covid-19, and there are other severe illnesses that we can prevent by purchasing today critical illness insurance in Singapore. Purchasing them is accessible. We can buy it online by checking on the internet to maintain social distancing without visiting the insurance company, and no medical examinations required before purchasing them. These insurance companies also provide covid-19 insurance to protect our family and loved ones during any emergency.

The hl assurance maid protect360 is special insurance implemented by the Hong Leong group. This insurance is for the maid to protect them from any medical emergencies and prevent huge expenses by purchasing it. This insurance will bear all the costs related to medical and dental, clinical visits, and physiotherapy to protect domestic maid from any health problems and make them happy by giving them a life-saving gift. These insurance comes under different coverage and plans from basic to premier, and anyone can buy them according to the maid health condition to protect them anytime.

Protect maid health

We all are humans, and protecting every individual’s health is the most important job and helps them during any medical emergencies. Today we can protect our maid from any medical emergency and any dental problems by purchasing this insurance. Through this insurance, we can defend our maid from personal accidents, hospitalization benefits, outpatient clinics, visiting the clinical facility for a medical check-up, helps during a medical emergency to prevent huge cost and financial problems for the above medical treatment.


Since these hl assurance maid protect360 have different plans, the maid can stay protected from any health issues. We can purchase a basic plan, enhanced plan, Premier plan, or an exclusive plan which is the last and it is expensive. Still, we can buy a basic plan for the low budget, which will cover many health benefits and medical emergencies, which will cost a huge amount of money without this insurance coverage. We can prevent it and protect our maid from any medical emergency and give them a happy and healthy life.

Saving on medical check-up

The best thing about this unique insurance coverage is when the maid visits the clinical medical examination or medical check-up in a given year six times in these clinics. The insured person will get 50% saving for optional cover to provide the maid to cover more protection against critical illness, infections, diseases, covid-19 and many more to protect them from any medical emergency or health issue.

Options to choose more medical and dental clinics

When we purchase these different insurance coverage types and plans, the maid can choose the place or location. It will be suitable and convenient for them to visit for a medical check-up or any dental clinics when they have any health problem or dental issue. We can save them and protect them in Singapore when covered under these insurance plans, preventing them and the insured person from any financial burden from these high medical costs.


Today we can protect our health and our family by purchasing critical illness insurance in Singapore and preventing the vast expenses of treating critical illness. They are cost-effective, and anyone today can buy them to stay protected whenever any medical emergency comes. We also save and protect our domestic maid by choosing and purchasing the ultimate hl assurance maid protect360 to protect from accidents, medical emergency, critical illness diagnostics, and many more from the colossal expenditure.