About Maid Insurance

Vital Things You Need to Know About Maid Insurance

Hiring a maid is not as simple as it seems. Finding a person who can take care of your home and family members in your absence can never be an easy task. When you visit an agency where they appoint a maid based on your requirements, if you are lucky enough to find a maid who behaves politely to all of you and completes her work correctly, you won’t see them as an outsider.

Domestic helpers come with a security bond of two years, or you can say they get a work permit of two years, after which they cannot work for you. If you got a good maid, you wouldn’t want to let them go. In such cases, you need to renew your maid’s maid insurance promotion. Now coming back to the present, when you hire a maid, you need to get a security bond.

Maid insurance contains a lot more than their information and protection. If you think you will do good without maid insurance, you may be wrong. If you hire a domestic helper, you have to buy maid insurance. When you have to pay for something, it is better to know everything about it. It is essential for you as an employer to see a maid insurance cover. Not only about the coverage but also the

If you also don’t have enough knowledge in this department, don’t worry. Many people are unaware of what maid insurance holds. The scary part of not knowing what it offers is that you won’t understand when to claim something. When it comes to these things, two common questions you will face are the cost of insurance and how you can find the best-suited maid insurance for your domestic help.

It might seem challenging, but it won’t be the same if you follow the steps written in this article. If you want to find good maid insurance, you need to understand and learn few things about it. Maid insurance not only provides coverage to various areas but also wage compensation and various costs.

Essential facts to know before purchasing a maid insurance

All the rules and regulations about insurance change with time, and there are several maid insurance plans. Before you purchase maid insurance, ensure going through the latest practices on it. Especially if you are in Singapore and hiring a maid, you have to make sure that your appointed helper has medical and personal accident insurance covered. The Singapore government made this mandatory for all employers to buy the best critical illness insurance Singapore.

Areas that a maid insurance cover

Treating outpatients

The maid insurance covers outpatients treatment which means if your domestic helper gets injured in an accident, the medical bill will come from the insurance. By accident, it does not mean that the maid requires medical treatment but not necessarily hospitalization. There are many tiers of the average outpatient expenses. It depends on the insurance policy you have.

Many people mistake it as the hospitalization expenses. But it is different from that. Working in someone else’s home is not as comfortable as you think it is. The helper can face several problems while working. It will help if you understand when to claim the coverage expenses for outpatient treatment. As mentioned before, there are several tiers of payments; these tiers increase by 1000 dollars with each step.


People often get confused between hospitalization expenses and outpatient expenses. However, maid insurance covers both. If your household help falls sick or faces some significant injury where you need to hospitalize them, the medical bills and hospital charges will come from the insurance. The Singapore government included these things in the area of coverage maid insurance provides for many reasons.

First of all, employers often neglect to send their helpers to doctors due to the fear of expenses, which can be deadly. Having insurance covering that area will ensure the employers that they can send their helpers to the doctor without spending a single penny.

Personal accident

The minimum value coverage for a personal accident is 60,000 dollars. You might be wondering why it covers such a considerable amount. Well. Personal accident means cases where your helper meets an accident that leads to death or a permanent disability. For such a huge loss, the amount of 60,000 dollars is still not enough.

There are few insurance policies where the amount for a personal accident it covers is as high as 70,000 dollars. Another area that belongs to the personal accident is repatriation. Some insurances will provide you the repatriation so you can send your helper back to their family when something uncertain happens. Repatriation is expensive.

Critical illness

Before we talk about this coverage area, it will help if you understand that not all insurances provide this policy. Suppose your household help gets diagnosed with any dread diseases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc. The insurance company will pay you a lump sum of money for it.

Wage compensation

If there occurs any emergency when your helper cannot make it for some days, a good maid insurance policy will pay you daily wages for it. Insurance companies cover this area because if there is an emergency, your helper can deal with it without worrying about not earning. Insurance compensates for the days your helper cannot work.

Another policy that comes in the compensation is an alternative benefit. It means if your helper cannot come to work for some days, you will get a certain amount to hire an alternative maid for those particular days.

Maid replacement

There can be situations where you will have no other option but to hire a new maid in place of your previous maid. If a tragedy like this happens, the insurance company will pay you the agency fees for finding a new maid. But it requires a serious and robust cause for replacement. It will help if you terminate the work permit of your previous maid before hiring the new one.


There are many vital things one needs to know before purchasing any maid insurance plan. However, all the factors mentioned above are the most important ones. Since it is a legal procedure, be very careful with it.